Don’t be fooled by the password email scam

Click to play video: 'Police say new password email scam is not a real threat' Police say new password email scam is not a real threat
WATCH: An email threat being sent to thousands may fool some people into believing they’ve been hacked. As Tony Tighe reports, police say it’s not a real threat – Jul 25, 2018

There’s a new threatening email making the rounds and it’s scaring a lot of people.

Linda Sojer received one from someone who actually listed one of her old passwords in the email.

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The sender claimed they installed malware on a porn site and had video of her watching it.

The message included a threat to send the video to all of her contacts–unless she sent $3,200 in bitcoin payments.

She’d never been on an adult site and knew it was a scam.

“I knew there was something up, but then I thought, ‘How many people bought into it because of the password?'” Sojer said. “Because you panic. You think, ‘Oh my heavens.’ It creates fear–that’s the reaction.

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Calgary police are aware of the threatening email.

Sgt. Andy MacLeod says it is spam and is being mass-mailed to thousands of people–but there is no legitimate threat.

“An email such as this with a generic spam like that, typically they have do not have access to anything on your personal computer,” MacLeod said. “If they really did know who you are, you would have a lot more of your personal banking accounts, credit information, actually tampered with. They want you to feel vulnerable and they want you to feel like you need to pay up.”

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IT experts suspect the passwords were hacked in a website data breach and in most emails, the passwords are old.

If you get one, don’t reply. Delete it, change your passwords and give your computer a security scan.

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