OPP warns against purchasing gear from outlaw biker gangs at Friday the 13th events

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OPP are warning people attending Friday the 13th events in Port Dover to be aware of purchasing and wearing gear affiliated with outlaw biker gangs, as they could be unwittingly supporting organized crime groups.

Motorcycle enthusiasts are set to flood Port Dover for the event.

Police say purchases of gang gear fund illegal activities and people could be putting themselves at risk with rival motorcycle gang members.

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Anthony Renton, operations manager for the biker enforcement unit, says wearing outlaw gang-related items may seem harmless as people are unaware of the dangers it brings.

“Canadians need to understand that purchasing these items directly support illegal activities such as drug trafficking and violence which ultimately hurts everyone in our community,” Renton said.

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He fears for the safety of visitors and members of the community.

“Don’t wear support wear. We don’t want to see someone innocently get hurt as a result of just wearing a t-shirt they bought,” Renton adds.

Renton tells Global News Radio 980 CFPL that he expects to see over 100,000 people at the event and wants to educate people to keep them informed.

“By raising awareness, we allow individuals to be empowered, to make informed choices that will only increase their personal safety and deny funds to criminals that further their illicit activities,” Renton said.

He encourages people to purchase from legitimate businesses at the event.

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Officers will be present at the occasion to ensure public safety. Anyone who sees any suspicious activity involving outlaw biker gangs is advised to inform an officer at the location or call 1-905671-6960 for outlaw motorcycle gang-related information.

People should call 911 in cases of emergency and 1-888-310-1122 in non-emergency instances.