North Shore Rescue volunteer back in action after injury on the job

Photo credit: Grant Baldwin

A North Shore Rescue volunteer is on the road to recovery after being injured on a call more than six months ago in West Vancouver.

Kayla Brolly and the team were looking for someone in distress, when a dead tree fell on Brolly’s head and knocked her down a slope.

Luckily she was wearing a helmet.

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“I was kind of our only advanced medical person in the field and there was a lot of like ‘we need to find this person, they are in distress,’ so I feel like that injury I initially didn’t take it as seriously at the time and I don’t think my teammates in the field recognized the seriousness of it either because we were so distracted by looking for this other person who really needed our help,” she said.

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Brolly says she was left with a concussion that prevented her from doing what she loves — things like working as a nurse, volunteering and hiking.

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“It’s a good reminder for the public about going out there and being as prepared as they need because of how much we put ourselves in harm’s way in order to perform these rescues,” she said.

“I think that might get forgotten because we are very safe, but accidents do happen.”

While it will still be a few more weeks until she’s fully recovered, Brolly is happy to start going out on calls again.

“It felt amazing to be back in the field with all my teammates, and to use all the skills that I’ve built up for years, and know that they’re coming back.”

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