Extreme heat leads to delays, frustration on the Deux-Montagne line

Click to play video 'Extreme heat causes delays on the Deux-Montagne line' Extreme heat causes delays on the Deux-Montagne line
WATCH ABOVE: Extreme heat causes delays on the Deux-Montagne line – Jul 4, 2018

The intense heat beating down on Montreal has also caused delays on some commuter train lines.

On Tuesday, July 3, afternoon rush hour service was almost an hour late on the Deux-Montagne line from Central Station.

Officials at the Exo transit authority say it couldn’t be avoided.

“There was moisture and condensation in the wires that provide the signals to the trains, so we had to replace them and that caused the delays,” explained Exo spokesperson Élaine Arsenault.

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The tracks at Central Station are run by CN Rail. Workers for the rail line immediately started repairing the wires in the train signals — a repair process that required an hour and a half to get trains running on schedule again.

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Exo and CN are in constant contact during the heat wave, trying to monitor the equipment.

“It should go well for the next days and weeks,” said Arsenault. “The temperatures are supposed to drop so fingers crossed.”

It is not the first time weather conditions have caused  long waits on the Deux-Montagne line.

During the extreme cold in the winter, similar issues with the equipment forced some trains to be cancelled or delayed.

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Quebec Transport Minister André Fortin says he understands commuters’ frustrations.

Aside from heat-related delays, the line is also facing reduced service due to construction of the new light rail system.

“It is a tough situation on the Deux- Montagnes line in general for commuters,” said Fortin.

The minister says they have a plan in place to improve service.

Transit officials, meanwhile, say that things are now under control and running smoothly, despite the continued heat wave.

But there’s no guarantee that it won’t happen again in the coming days.