U of R opening residences aimed at LGBTQ+ students

A bedroom in one of The Colourful House units in College West at the University of Regina. Adrian Raaber/Global News

Starting in the fall 2018 semester, there will be a new on-campus housing option at the University of Regina designed in partnership with UR Pride.

The Colourful Campus House is designed with LGBTQ+ students in mind. The house is made up of two six-bedroom apartment-style residences in the newly renovated College West building.

Jacq Brasseur, the UR Pride executive director, said there has been an outpouring of support from students and alumni on the organization’s Facebook page.

“For myself, as an alumni, of both student housing and the University of Regina it’s something that would have made my university experience so much more stress free,” Brasseur said. “Because I wouldn’t of had had to worry about what my roommates were going to think or how do I come out to this group of strangers.”

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Brasseur said they lived in a seven-bedroom apartment on-campus, and had a hard enough time coming out to someone they’ve known for years let alone six strangers.

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UR Pride has heard many similar stories of LGBTQ+ students having the same anxieties, which helped inspire the idea for The Colourful House.

The apartments have 12 spaces open to LGBTQ+ and allied students. Brasseur said the application is similar to regular student housing forms, with extra questions relating to the LGBTQ+ community.

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When UR Pride originally came up with the idea they hoped to secure one apartment by 2019. The U of R suggested two apartments opening in the fall.

“That’s really rare I think. In talking to my colleagues in pride centres across the country that’s not always what you get from a university, so for me it was really great to see just how invested the university was,” Brasseur said.

The kitchen in one of The Colourful House units in College West at the University of Regina. Adrian Raaber/Global News

Bettina Welsh, the U of R director of student affairs – operations, said it was an easy decision for the university.

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“The University of Regina is about removing barriers for students, and if there are any sort of barriers for living on campus we want to make sure that those are removed and that students are successful and feel safe here,” she said.

Students interested in applying for a residence spot in Colourful Campus House are invited to contact Housing Services at 306-585-5281, UR Pride at 306-586-8811 ext. 207 or

Students can also apply for additional rewards to subsidize their on-campus housing.

Other additions that came with the renovation of College West’s residences include a community kitchen, study room, theatre and gaming room. These are available to all students.

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