Vancouver woman says dognapper snatched her Pomeranian off the street before taking off in van

The owner of a Pomeranian is hoping for the safe return of her dog. Global News

A Vancouver woman says her dog was stolen in broad daylight and she is hoping it is returned, no questions asked.

Denise Nguyen says she was taking her Pomeranian named Flower out of the house for a walk when the dog got loose and ran down the street.

She followed in pursuit but could not find her.

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According to Nguyen, a neighbour told her that Flower was snatched off the street by a stranger.

She said a van was driving southbound on Ontario Street, turned onto East 49th Avenue and pulled over. A woman got out of the van, grabbed Flower and left the scene, according to Nguyen.

“She just took the dog, didn’t even question anyone around her to see if they were looking for a missing dog,” Nguyen said. “She just scooped up the dog, put it in her van and drove off.”

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Nguyen reported the incident to police, and provided them with suspect and vehicle descriptions. She says her neighbour described the suspect as “a middle-aged Asian lady with glasses.”

Nguyen has also been in touch with the BC SPCA. She says she was told to keep an eye on local classified ads to see if someone is trying to sell her dog.

She is hoping someone recognizes Flower and returns her to her home.

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