Ammolite trophy sets Lethbridge apart on the Mackenzie tour

Click to play video: 'Ammolite trophy sets Lethbridge apart on the Mackenzie Tour'
Ammolite trophy sets Lethbridge apart on the Mackenzie Tour
WATCH ABOVE: The Mackenzie Tour brings the best of the best of the golf world to the course, so Paradise Canyon owner Ron Sakamoto wanted to make sure the trophy handed to the winner measured up. As Quinn Campbell reports, the one-of-a-kind trophy not only impressed Sakamoto himself, but the entire Mackenzie tour team – Jun 20, 2018

You could call it the gem of the tournament.

“It’s very different than what we are used to seeing week to week,” said Randy Korn, coordinator of completions and administration with the Mackenzie Tour.

The winner of this year’s Lethbridge Paradise Canyon Open will get to hold up a custom made piece of art showcasing the region.

“It’s an amazing, amazing trophy. It’s one of a kind, of course, because it’s all designed by locals,” said Paradise Canyon Golf and Country Club owner Ron Sakamoto.

He said he called on a few of his friends to make sure Lethbridge would have the best of the best.

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“We always want to be a little bit different, but this is over the top, it really is nice.”

Artist Shane Seib from Sylvan Lake designed the massive piece of steel in just three weeks. Rene Trudel with Korite International donated the highest grade of ammolite, found just outside the city, in the only ammolite mine in the world.

Sakamoto said the stone gives the trophy a southern Alberta brand. “Rene brought me down some samples and I picked this one because it’s so beautiful, it’s got all the gemstone and of course he said, ‘Of course Ron you would pick the most expensive one.'”

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The maple leaf at the back of the trophy represents Canada, the next layer is the Mackenzie Tour logo. There is also metal detailing the high level bridge, a solid base to display the gemstone.

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“Often they are crystal trophies and this one is obviously not crystal. It’s very unique and it also has a lot of things that are special about this event,” added Korn.

The winner’s name will be added to the trophy, then Sakamoto said he will find the perfect place to display the work of art so the entire community can enjoy it.

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