First ambulances with ‘new era’ technology in North America unveiled in Peterborough

Peterborough paramedics unveil new ambulance
New Era ambulances unveiled in Peterborough on Friday morning.

After a year in the making, Peterborough Paramedics announced their “new era” ambulances. They are the first of their kind in North America, using technology that is greener, safer and smarter.

“This vehicle has WiFi so the patient forms can be broadcast to the hospitals while en route. It also has an AVL system so it can be tracked,” said Chris Barry, deputy chief of operations for Peterborough Paramedics.

The new system is an adaptation of technology being used in Europe. It has solar panels on the top that keep the ambulance constantly charged, rather than having to be plugged in. The interior looks similar to the older ambulances, but it is safer for the paramedics.

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“The crews can now be seated and monitor their patients without getting up and walking around in the ambulance. They can complete their documentation and they can monitor all their equipment,” said Barry.

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The brains of the ambulance is a computer module at the front — it controls everything from the lights to sirens, and even alerts the paramedics if something is left behind.

“We have asset management tags on each piece of equipment. The computer recognizes when a tag is away from the ambulance,” said Barry.

Peterborough Paramedics worked with Crestline Coach from Saskatoon, and Acetech Ferno from Toronto and Ireland, to bring their vision to life. After evaluating the new technology, they plan to replace all of their ambulances over the next five years.