Voters in Swiss region reject bid for 2026 Winter Olympics

Sion is no longer in the running to host the 2026 Winter Olympics. Reid Fiest/Global News

Voters in the Swiss region of Valais have voted against a bid to host the 2026 Winter Olympics in the town of Sion.

The dpa news agency reported that voters refused to pledge financial support by a vote of 54 per cent.

Sion Mayor Philippe Varone said the vote Sunday was the end of the bid. He says “there is no Plan B.”

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Sion offered what the bidders termed a sustainable Olympics, relying on already existing jumps and ski courses. Voters rejected assurances from the International Olympic Committee and bid supporters that expensive new construction would not be needed.

Sites that are still in the running include Turin and Milan in Italy; Graz in Austria; Stockholm; Turkey’s Erzurum; Calgary, Canada; and Sapporo, Japan.

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The decision will be made in fall 2019.

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