Fundraising concert to help businesses affected by Kenow Fire

The Alpine Stables horseback riding business was devastated by the Kenow fire. Global News

In September 2017, many got away from the Kenow wildfire unscathed, but some lost their businesses and livelihood. For those still trying to rebuild or restart, a group from the Waterton area is trying to offer a boost. A fundraising concert called “Music for the Mountains” is set for Saturday, June 9, with hopes of raising close to $10,000.

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“I think even more than raising money, it’s to show that people care and are aware that they lost so much,” part-organizer Cheryl Davidsen said. “Sometimes these disasters happen and other people go on with their lives and forget that there’s people still really dealing with the wake of what happened.”

The money raised will go towards three separate businesses and people most affected by the fire.

Alpine Stables, whose horseback riding operation was destroyed; Bobbi Moore, who lost a Crandell Wood contract; and Mike Cassidy, who had his home and inventory with Cameron Boat Rentals ravaged by the flames, will be helped.

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“We really need people’s support and we need people to show up,” Davidsen said. “It’s a really busy month and we’re just hoping people can come out and we’re hoping people can show their love and support and realize that we really need that, in order for this event to raise the amount of money that we need to raise, to help these businesses.”

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The event will be hosted at the Mountain View School and starts with a barbeque at 5 p.m. After dinner, people will be able to watch a concert at 7 p.m. featuring a number of Southern Alberta musicians, all of them volunteering their time and talent.

The night will also feature a silent auction with items donated from local businesses and photographers. In addition, Parks Canada staff are going to be on hand to provide more information on the Kenow Fire.

“One thing we’re really excited about is the park is coming to present the actual footage of what happened with that fire and give a bit of an overview of where and what happened and the effects of it,” Davidsen said. “We’re excited about that and that will be at 6 p.m.”

Davidsen hopes “Music for the Mountains” honours Waterton and showcases the resiliency of the area.


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