High water levels could mean more mosquito bites near the Fraser River

Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press

If you live along the Fraser River, perhaps you’ve noticed a few more mosquito bites than usual.

That’s because this year’s high water levels have helped the bugs, creating ideal breeding conditions.

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Dirk Morrow is with BioScience and is in charge of the Fraser Valley Regional District’s mosquito control.

“As the water comes up, it activates more of the areas, essentially, and we treat that with bacterial larvicide using hand applications and backpack blowers,” he said.

“There’s a couple kinds that we target, and there are two that come out of the floodwater. And they’re… often the most aggressive mosquitoes. They bite at all times during the day, and then come out in significantly larger numbers than most other species of mosquito.”

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Heading into the summer, Morrow suggests residents minimize spots where standing water may occur.

This includes bird baths, kiddie pools, gutters and flower pots.

You can get more information on how to prepare here.

The Fraser Valley Regional District says it’s been working on control since around early May.

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