Riding 101: Most important issues for Brampton residents in upcoming Ontario election

WATCH ABOVE: With the election just two weeks away, Farah Nasser gives an inside look at the five ridings that make up Brampton.

Voters will be going to the polls in two weeks to decide who will form the next Ontario government and each city in the province is battling different issues and looking for solutions proposed by each of the parties’ leaders.

Global News is visiting different communities throughout the election campaign. Anchor Farah Nasser went to Brampton to speak with residents about what issues are most important to them.

According to Statistics Canada, the city of Brampton is home to 593,638 residents and it’s among the 10 largest cities in the Ontario.

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Since 2011, Brampton’s population grew by 13 per cent and 78 per cent of the city’s population is made up people who are visible minorities.

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Brampton is made up of five provincial ridings: Brampton Centre, Brampton East, Brampton North and Brampton South.

Several of the boundaries and riding names changed after the 2014 election as a part of a redistribution process.

In the 2014 election, Liberals were elected in four ridings and the NDP held one seat. However, the city has struggled with voter apathy. Brampton was among the bottom 10 ridings for voter turnout.

Hospital wait times

Brampton residents said one of their biggest issues is wait times at hospitals, specifically Brampton Civic Hospital.

Brampton Civic Hospital has the busiest emergency room in the county.

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“We see about 140,000 patients a year through [the ER] and that averages out about 400 patients in a 24-hour period,” Dr. Naveed Mohammad, executive vice-president of quality, medical and academic affairs at Brampton Civic Hospital, told Global News.

“If we don’t provide more access, we’re going to be pretty close to a breaking point which is where we are now.”

WATCH: Farah Nasser speaks with Dr. Naveed Mohammad about Brampton Civic Hospital’s emergency room.

Code Gridlock: Why Brampton hospital face longest wait times in the Ontario
Code Gridlock: Why Brampton hospital face longest wait times in the Ontario

Highest insurance rates

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Brampton residents experience some of the highest auto insurance rates in Ontario.

According to statistics by the Insurance Bureau of Canada, 27 per cent more claims are reported in Brampton.

WATCH: Why are Brampton auto insurance rates are so high?

Why are Brampton auto insurance rates are so high?
Why are Brampton auto insurance rates are so high?

The organization also said claims payments in Brampton are 26 per cent higher than the Ontario average.

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The higher costs cause higher auto insurance premiums. Brampton residents pay 56 per cent more than the Ontario average.

Voters will go to the polls on June 7.

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