Edmonton-based pet food company makes its way into MTV swag bags

Nicole Porterfield's Farm Fresh Pet Food treats will be included in swag bags at the upcoming MTV awards in June. Global News

It’s an exciting time to be in the pet food business for Nicole Porterfield and her business partner Kim Good.

The pair co-own Farm Fresh Pet Foods. The company was recently chosen to have its treats included in swag bags for the upcoming MTV Awards in June.

“When they first approached us we weren’t sure they were serious,” Porterfield recalled. “It’s pretty exciting! We really never thought that this would be something that we’d be going for.”

Porterfield said she was contacted by a P.R. person who happen to come across their products in an L.A. store.

The company had just launched in the U.S. after completing an expansion across Canada.

“We will be providing them with treats for all the celebrity dogs,” Porterfield said.

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“They decided it would be a perfect fit for their swag bags. We’re the only Canadian company and the only pet treat in the bags.”

Porterfield and Good took over the company in 2007 when they acquired it from the original owners, who wanted to focus on their farm. Porterfield worked for the company and was familiar with the products.

“The treats are all natural and human grade, all the ingredients come from the Canadian prairie.”

The treats are made from beef and pork, but Porterfield says the plan is to expand to lamb and elk in the near future.

The ingredients come from local farmers.

The business partners will head to L.A. next month ahead of the award show. They will get to meet the presenters and nominees.

“So many celebrities have dogs and the dogs have their own Instagram accounts, there’s a lot of publicity that goes along with it,” Porterfield said. “We’re just anxious to see who we will get tagged with on Instagram.”

The MTV Movie & TV Awards takes place on June 18.

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