St-Henri residents losing patience with truck safety on Rose-de-Lima

St-Henri residents say truck safety is a concern on Rose-de-Lima Street. Global News/Sébastien Gagnon-Dorval

After months of close calls, St-Henri residents say too many trucks are still going the wrong way down Rose-de-Lima Street.

The once two-way Rose-de-Lima is now a one-way at Workman Street and has been for several months.

The forced left turn onto Workman is tight for some larger trucks, so instead of making a legal turn, some drivers risk it and go the wrong way down Rose-de-Lima to Notre Dame.

Area merchant Valérie Lalonde has started up a petition to try to get the city to change the street direction back.

“It needs to be changed as soon as possible before something really bad happens,” Lalonde told Global News.

City Coun. Craig Sauvé points out that trucks are not supposed to be on Rose-de-Lima at that intersection.

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Also, planters that were meant to deter drivers were displaced. Sauvé says they have since been put back.

“The planters will have signage and there will be police monitoring of the area as well,” said Sauvé.

Those are temporary solutions that the borough has put in place.

Sauvé says road work planned for next year will permanently clear up any confusion on Rose-de-Lima.

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