Bingemans construction-themed attraction features three different excavators

One of the machines will feature a bowling challenge.
One of the machines will feature a bowling challenge. Bingemans / courtesy

If you dig construction equipment, you will be excited by the newest attraction opening at Bingemans this summer.

A new attraction, which is based on construction equipment, will open at the amusement park in late May or early June.

Powered by Diggerland, the Excavation Station at FunworX will feature three different excavators.

“These machines are the first of their kind in Ontario,” says Mark Bingeman, president of Bingemans, said in a statement.

The rides are designed for children of all ages,
The rides are designed for children of all ages, Bingemans

The machines will appeal to children of all sizes, Bingemans general manager Michelle Playfair explained.

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“Depending on the height of the child. They can do this by themselves or if they are quite small, they can sit on an adult’s lap inside the excavator and they can kind of power them,” she said.

The trio of machines, a Shape Challenge, Maze Challenge and Bowling Challenge, all contain different obstacle for the operator.

“They are kind of unique because you don’t drive around in them but the arm, that is what the person, the rider is controlling,” Playfair said.

For the shape challenge, the goal will be to pick up four different shapes with the arm and slot them into the corresponding shape.

The maze challenge will see an object attached to the end of the arm which the user will have to work through the maze.

With the bowling challenge, a ball will be attached to the end of the arm, and riders will attempt to knock down stand-up pins.

“The fun part is playing with the controllers and moving the arm around,” Playfair said. “You don’t move back and forth with the excavator itself. You can turn it, but you are not driving it per se.”

While the Excavation Station will be outdoors, the rides will be contained and will be available for the public to ride even after the waterpark closes.

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