‘It’s indescribable:’ Sisters reunited after 54 years apart through a DNA test

Click to play video: 'Sisters reunited after 54 years apart through a DNA test' Sisters reunited after 54 years apart through a DNA test
WATCH: It was an emotional reunion for the to sisters who were apart for 54 years. – May 10, 2018

Two sisters, apart for 54 years, were reunited in Spokane, Wash., this week after an online DNA test connected them.

Cindy Nielson told local news station KHQ-TV that her mother had to give her sister up for adoption because she was going through “hard times.” Nielson said she did everything she could to re-connect with her.

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But after years of missing birthdays together, along with the joys of learning to share toys and important life moments together, the two sisters were finally able to find each other.

“It’s indescribable. It’s that piece that’s been missing has been replaced,” Nielson told KHQ-TV. “I feel complete.”

It all started when Nielson’s niece took an online DNA test with 23andMe. A match popped up. It said that the niece had a relative.

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That’s when Nielson and her mother also took the DNA test to see if they would also have the same match. Turns out they did. They both matched with Jennifer Rey. Nielson quickly contacted her and they planned their meeting.

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Nielson and her sister met at the Spokane airport for the first time, and their reunion was emotional.

“They say that you instinctively know someone you’re related to and it’s really true,” Rey said.

The two sisters are currently travelling to Montana to meet with the rest of the family and spend Mother’s Day together.

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