Scott Thompson: Why the Catholic Church won’t apologize for residential schools


Hopefully Canadians are now all aware of the horrific stories around the country’s residential school system and, however well intended, they grossly failed our indigenous population.

Starting with an apology from then prime minister Stephen Harper on behalf of the Government of Canada in 2008, and more recently with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is seeking a similar apology from the Catholic Church.

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However, even when Trudeau personally asked Pope Francis at the Vatican in 2017, he declined.

The Anglican Church apologized for its role in 1993, the Presbyterian Church in 1994 and the United Church in 1998.

Now, with an historic motion, Parliament will vote to formally ask Pope Francis to apologize for the significant role the Catholic Church played in the residential school system.

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Should the Pope apologize for Canada’s residential schools?
Should the Pope apologize for Canada’s residential schools?

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The Catholic Church was responsible for the daily operation of two thirds of the schools in Canada. One would think after everyone else has apologized surely the Catholic Church would want to do the same.

Apparently not. Why? Because with such a formal apology comes a very large bill.

Apologizing admits guilt, and that costs money in restitution.

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Correct, this is not about reconciliation or religion, it’s about money.

You can interpret that anyway you wish.

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