B.C. municipal election 2018: Radium Hot Springs results

Clara Reinhardt will remain the mayor of Radium Hot Springs.

The city council will consist of Mike Gray, Todd Logan, Tyler McCauley and Dale Shudra.

All candidates won by acclamation.



Clara Reinhardt (incumbent)


Mike Gray (incumbent)

Todd Logan (incumbent)

Tyler McCauley (incumbent)

Dale Shudra


Radium Hot Springs is located in the East Kootenays, not far from the B.C.-Alberta border.

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Population (2016)



Recounting the history of Radium Hot Springs is impossible without looking at its geology.

It’s a place where lies a fault line, where water is heated by hot rock to create hot springs.

Roland Stuart was first to claim private ownership of the springs in 1890.

They would come into the hands of the federal government by 1923, and it was around this time that a pool was opened to tourists, making it a key destination.

But warm water isn’t all there is to the area.

Radium Hot Springs is also where you’ll find bighorn sheep during the winter before they go to greater heights in summertime.

Median total income of couple economic families with children (2015)/B.C. median


Political representation


Wayne Stetski (NDP)


Doug Clovechok (BC Liberal)

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