Poor weather delays soccer season

Snowy conditions are delaying spring sports across Saskatchewan. Derek Putz / Global News

An icy barrier is standing between soccer players and the upcoming season.

League play was set to kick off across Regina and other parts of southern Saskatchewan in the next two weeks.

Instead, everyone is now playing the waiting game- and it’s cutting into playing for nearly 1000 athletes in Regina’s east zone alone.

“If we cancel due to weather, we just cancel,” Regina East Zone Youth Soccer Association President, Kurtis Krug said. “We can’t make them up, because we’re already booked. The fields are all booked, so we just lose it. It’s unfortunate if it happens.”

White City, Balgonie, and Pilot Butte have also had their seasons pushed back at least a week. They’re aiming to begin the first week of May.

But as it stands, there is still more snow than grass on most fields.

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The season can’t start until City maintenance crews gives the go-ahead.

Cold temperatures and thick chunks of snow and ice are safety hazards on their own, but there’s also no way to know what condition the turf is in underneath.

“We need to get heat, get rid of the snow, and get out to make the assessment to see when play might be able to start,” Regina Manager of Business Support, Sean Raison said. “Once we get our irrigation started up, there is way more maintenance we can start to put down on fields. Once we have heat and our turf is active, we can start to aerate, fertilize, and start mowing.”

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