LISTEN: How medical drones are changing the roles of first responders

A Freefly Alta 6 drone is seen in this file image. GETTY IMAGES

With ever-advancing technologies and artificial intelligence creeping into the workforce, job security for current and future generations has never been more worrying. Economic instabilities have shown just how quickly some industries can boom and others perish. So how is British Columbia’s job market going to evolve and what do we do to help workers get the best possible employment opportunities in the future?

In the first instalment of CKNW’s 2018 Future of Work series, we take a look at how medical drones are changing the role of first responders.

We spoke to medical futurist and physician Dr. Bertalan Mesko about how technology can improve medical responses.

What can drones do in an emergency situation? What is the current status of experiments with the technology? And how will this change the role of the people who work every day to save lives?

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LISTEN: How medical drones are changing the roles of first responders

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