LISTEN: The role of car-sharing in the future of transportation

Modo's car-sharing operation is a made-in-Vancouver success story, and was just the second car-share service in North America. Modo

With ever-advancing technologies and artificial intelligence creeping into the workforce, job security for current and future generations has never been more worrying. CKNW’s Future of Work series focuses on how British Columbia’s job market is going to evolve and how to help workers get the best possible employment opportunities in the future.

In Metro Vancouver, the number of cars and level of congestion on the road seem to be increasing every year, while the price of gas and insurance are skyrocketing.

What’s the answer if you need to drive occasionally but want to cut costs? For many, it’s joining a car share.

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On Friday, CKNW’s Lynda Steele spoke with Patrick Nangle, CEO of Modo, a made-in-Vancouver car-share success story.

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The company was just the second car-share company in North America when it started in the West End from a Simon Fraser University thesis project with just two cars and 16 members.

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Now it’s in 20 B.C. cities, has 20,000 members and 600 cars.

The company’s software systems are licensed to another dozen car-share companies across Canada, and four more in the U.S.

With B.C.’s population growing and the roads getting ever more congested, Nangle argues the future is bright for the car-sharing industry.

LISTEN: The role of car sharing in the future of transportation

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