Father shares emotional song with son on World Autism Awareness Day

Father sings emotional song for son on World Autism Awareness Day
WATCH: David Grenon performed his song 'A Special One' for his son on Global News Morning.

The lead singer of the Royal Canadian Air Force band has released an independent project to celebrate his son, Hugo, who lives with autism.

David Grenon’s song called ‘A Special One’ is about trying to understand 9-year-old Hugo and how his life goes from day to day, through his eyes. You can watch the video Grenon made for his son here.

LISTEN: Grenon explains why he wrote the song 

RCAF singer David Grenon explains his song
RCAF singer David Grenon explains his song

The singer started the project in 2015, a few years after Hugo was diagnosed with autism.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder, or autism, is a neurodevelopmental disorder that impacts brain development, according to Autism Canada. This can cause people affected to experience difficulties with communication, social interactions and specific patterns of behaviour.

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“I just wanted to put down on paper just my idea of… his autism, but most importantly how he’s been dealing with it,” Grenon said.

“How he sees life.”

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Proceeds from the song released on World Autism Awareness Day are going to Autism Society Manitoba, a charity organization which helped Hugo, Grenon said.

You can learn about what’s happening in Canada to support families here.

The international day of observation is Monday April 2. This month is dedicated to raising awareness about the disorder while sharing stories and resources for people around the world. Many buildings and landmarks will be lit in blue to recognize people living with autism.

To read more about Grenon, originally from Quebec, and his music click here. He usually travels as the first full-time vocalist with the Canadian Armed Forces, performing everywhere in Canada, as well as in the U.S, Europe, South Korea and Caribbean.

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PHOTO GALLERY: Grenon shares special moments with his sons Hugo and Rémy

Photo courtesy: David Grenon
Photo courtesy: David Grenon
Photo courtesy: David Grenon
Photo courtesy: David Grenon