Creating change through an army of positive people

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Making a Difference – Creating change through an army of positive people
WATCH ABOVE: Heidi Allen wanted to make a change in her life, so she created the Positive People Army, an initiative that started out as a simple blog but soon shifted to become a global movement. Susan Hay has the story – Mar 19, 2018

When you look around Heidi Allen’s home, each room has words of wisdom and inspiration.

“That’s what’s amazing about positivity, you know, you don’t have to spend tons of money,” Allen, founder of Positive People Army said. ” You can just change your life with it.”

Two years ago Allen knew it was time to change her life after a difficult breakdown lead to an incredible breakthrough – something Allen had been searching for her entire life. Something thousands of people now turn to, known as the Positive People Army.

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“The Positive People Army is by far the most beautiful, positive space that exists,” Allen said.

“I say it’s a space because it’s a place that people come. They either come to the blog or they come to the Facebook Group. It’s a space where people are supported, people share positivity, people just go there to feel good.”

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What started as a simple blog has exploded into a movement, and last year Allen launched a Facebook Group and in 24 hours there was 1,200 people in it.

“And now a year later, we have 15,000 from all over the world,” Allen said. “Every day people say to me, ‘I wake up with the Positive People Army and I go to bed with the Positive People Army.'”

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These three little words — Positive People Army — have changed and guided thousands of lives each day because of one woman’s decision to motivate and inspire others on a larger scale.

“People share stories, people share their videos of advice,” Allen said.

Allen’s childhood dream of making a difference in the world is now her reality.

“To spread positivity is like the most beautiful virus to take the planet back. Negativity is done. It’s time for positivity,” she said.


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