NSBA applauds city’s exploration to reduce train delays in Saskatoon

The NSBA says the City of Saskatoon is on the right track by continuing to explore how to reduce train delays. File / Global News

The NSBA which represents local businesses is pleased the City of Saskatoon will continue exploring ways to reduce train delays.

A report presented to a city committee estimates relocating tracks outside of Saskatoon would cost $590 million.

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The other option is to build overpasses and underpasses for $374 million.

The NSBA believes a railway track relocation is the right track to go down and said businesses would be willing to front a tax hike if residents are as well.

“Our taxes go up every year. What are we getting for our taxes? We’re suggesting that this is a project that should be in consideration for the city to move forward on,” NSBA executive director Keith Moen said.

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It’s estimated that delays cause 52,000 hours of lost productivity each year which translates to $2.5 million in lost revenue.

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