​According to Jack White, rock music “needs an injection of new young blood”

Rick Diamond / Getty Images

Jack White is preparing to release his latest LP Boarding House Reach on March 23 by way of Columbia/Third Man Records. However, he’s the first to admit that his genre has gone a bit stale.

White appeared on KROQ for an interview yesterday, declaring that “Rock’n’Roll needs an injection of new young blood.”

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White says that the genre continuously ebbs and flows, and the next surge of great rock music is currently “brewing.”

“Since rock’n’roll’s inception, every 10 or 12 years, there’s a breath of fresh air and a new injection of punk attitude or wildness,” says White. “Things get crazy, and then they’re crazy for a couple years, and then they kind of get subtle and you have to wait for the next wave to come through to get people really excited and screaming about it again.”


Here’s hoping that Boarding House Reach is White answering rock music’s desperate call.