Money123 – the easy way to be smart with your money

Money123 is new guide to everything money. We'll start with a six-part series of online articles and continue with a weekly money newsletter delivered to your inbox every Saturday morning.

Money – you need to understand it to be smart about it.

Global News is creating Money123 to take you from here to there.

We’ll start off with a six-part series of stories that will walk you through some of the big money questions we all have (How much do I really, realistically need for retirement?) along with some you probably didn’t know you had to ask (Why do women need to save more?).

The series runs Feb. 12 to 17 with a new story published every morning, Monday through Saturday.

It doesn’t end there. We’re also launching a new weekly Money123 newsletter to tackle the money questions you were too afraid to ask.

We’ll break down the complex stuff, like taxes and investments, so it’s easy to understand.

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And we’ll share hacks that will help you be smarter about the easy stuff – like saving on groceries.

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