Scott Thompson: ‘O’Canada’ changes a priority for Canadians?

Click to play video '‘In all of us command’: Gender neutral changes to ‘O Canada’ approved' ‘In all of us command’: Gender neutral changes to ‘O Canada’ approved
WATCH ABOVE: Senate approves gender neutral changes to 'O Canada'. David Akin reports.

Our national anthem is now gender-neutral.

Oh my, what a glorious day, is that the birds I hear singing?

After 18 months of debate, the Senate passed a bill to alter our national anthem from, “in all thy sons command” to “in all of us command.”

The bill becomes law after royal assent by the Governor General.

As you can imagine, this has created quite a debate in the bubble that is the Senate and Parliament Hill.

Some are demanding more debate or even a referendum on the lyrics of O’ Canada.

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I’m not here to debate whether this should be done or not.

Frankly, I don’t care either way and don’t have a problem with the update.

But is this the sort of thing Canadians want their politicians to spend their time and our tax dollars on?

I’m guessing on a list of 20, this is about 20th for most families just trying to make ends meet.

Especially since most can’t even get through O’ Canada without looking up at a giant screen because they don’t know the words.

I wonder how much this has cost us?

Scott Thompson hosts The Scott Thompson Show! on 900 CHML and is a commentator for Global News.

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