Labour minister brushes off ‘doom and gloom’ minimum wage predictions

. Chris Stanton / Global News

Ontario’s Minister of Labour, Kevin Flynn, told the Bill Kelly Show Monday that he doesn’t see the doom and gloom predictions on the minimum wage plan ever coming to pass.

“I haven’t seen any huge price increases. I haven’t seen any huge layoffs,” he said.

Earlier this month, the Bank of Canada released a report saying minimum wage hikes across Canada could mean 60,000 fewer jobs by 2019.

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Flynn says the province expected to hear varying opinions, but believes the wage hike is largely regarded as a positive.

“Even the Bank of Canada came out with a report the other day that was saying there may be some jobs that you may have got before that you won’t get now, but you’ll get other jobs, you’ll get better jobs,” he said.

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“They also said that overall this is of real benefit to the Ontario economy.”

With the exception of select Tim Horton’s franchises that have come under fire for rolling back benefits and cutting paid breaks, Flynn says he hasn’t seen ramifications.

“There is a bit of a debate about how to deal with this, but you’re not hearing it from a lot of other restaurants. You’re not hearing it from competitors,” he said.

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A delegation of Tim Hortons’ workers and worker advocates say they will be taking their fight over the blow back from the minimum wage to headquarters of the coffee chain’s parent company in Oakville.

The group, including members of the Ontario Federation of Labour and the Fight for $15 and Fairness campaign, will be putting pressure on Restaurant Brands International Inc. to reinstate paid breaks and benefits for employees.