Educ’alcool launches holiday campaign against underage drinking

WATCH: Educ’alcool is launching a campaign to fight underage drinking this holiday season — and while the numbers look like they’re improving, the risks are still quite real. Global’s Billy Shields reports.

Educ’alcool is launching a campaign reminding parents to be firm but flexible this holiday season when they talk to their kids about drinking.

“If they’re less than 13 years old, just say no,” said Hubert Sacy, Educ’alcool’s director-general.

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“If they’re more than 13 or 14 years of age, and they insist, then it’s better that they are allowed to drink but under parental surveillance, rather than go to the toilet and drink in excess with their friends.”

According to the organization, the problem is actually improving somewhat.

Three years ago in Quebec 71 per cent of high school students said they had a drink in the past year, now that number has gone down to 60 per cent.


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Nonetheless, Sacy points out, the dangers are still quite real. According to Educ’alcool, drinking can have a detrimental effect on developing brain functions and nervous systems.

“Science is extremely clear. The later in life you start drinking, the better,” Sacy said.