Angela Kokott: Has Calgary city council finally slayed the secondary suite beast?

City council debated a proposal to streamline the process for applying for secondary suites on Monday. Global News

It’s taken years, but it looks like Calgary city council has finally come up with a solution to the secondary suite debate. And it’s about time.

Council voted 10-5 in favour of moving the whole process out of the hands of councillors and into the hands of administrators.

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Opponents to an application will still have an opportunity to appeal any decision. However, gone will be the days of councillors sitting through hours of applications and hearing personal stories of why a rezoning is being sought.

Those applicants will now have to meet a set of criteria and pay a fee; something that has been sorely lacking in the past.

WATCH BELOW: Calgary mulls new rules for secondary suites

Click to play video 'Calgary mulls new rules for secondary suites' Calgary mulls new rules for secondary suites
Calgary mulls new rules for secondary suites – Nov 11, 2017

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They’ll make their case through a development permit application. No emotions, just the facts.

This does not mean a blanket rezoning. It will still be done on a case-by-case basis.

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When the new rules come in – which won’t be until a new bylaw is passed in a couple of months– there will still be neighbours who will fight the process. But, they’ll now have an opportunity to do that without tying up council.

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