Quebec solidaire votes to merge with Option nationale ahead of 2018 election

In this Oct. 2017 file photo, Quebec Solidaire MNA Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, left, speaks at a news conference in Quebec City while Option nationale leader Sol Zanetti, right, looks on. The parties announced their intention to merge, but the deal must be endorsed by both memberships before it becomes official. Jacques Boissinot/The Canadian Press

Two small, left-leaning Quebec sovereigntist political parties have moved a step closer to joining forces ahead of next year’s provincial election.

The members of Quebec solidaire voted today by a strong margin to approve the merger with Option nationale.

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Party co-spokeswoman Manon Masse welcomed the vote result, calling it an important step for the province’s progressive independence movement.

The two parties reached an agreement in October but the deal must be endorsed by both memberships before it is made official.

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Option nationale’s membership will vote on the merger next week.

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Quebec solidaire holds three seats in the 125-member Quebec legislature, while Option nationale holds none.

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