Pledge Day 2017: Calgary Children’s Foundation finds niche in helping grassroots charities

Calgary NewsTalk 770 Pledge Day, November 2017.

Pledge Day is a once a  year event where we hand over an entire radio day to help those in need in Calgary.

The funds we raise are then distributed to a host of different charities. (28 groups last year!)

Those we help are usually smaller charities; in fact, we’ve found a groove at being small.

Helping smaller charitable groups in Calgary has allowed us to tap into and come to work with the vulnerable and struggling in Calgary in a wholly unique way.

Most of the groups we fund don’t have the capacity to “pound the bricks” to find the funding they so desperately require.  For example, it is hard not to see the need to fund a small specialized program at Hospice Calgary that now has the dollars to pay for a program to help grieving children.

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WATCH BELOW: Expensive equipment at Providence school made possible by Pledge Day donations

Click to play video: 'Expensive equipment at Providence school made possible by Pledge Day donations'
Expensive equipment at Providence school made possible by Pledge Day donations

Then, there’s the Highbanks Society: most people in the Calgary area have never heard of it. It is a simple basic nutrition program that guides and teaches young mothers about key nutrition habits.

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The board of the Calgary Children’s Foundation (the radio station charity) is exceptional at working with and finding an inroad to help with smaller initiatives. What is extraordinary, year in, year out, is the generosity of you – our listeners.  Not because we’re a big charity, but quite the opposite; we have found a niche in helping ‘the small’ in our community.

LISTEN: How Pledge Day has helped Closer to Home

Listen Friday from 5:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and soak up some of the stories of struggle and triumph. You can donate online or call 403 974-8255. (charitable receipts are issued).

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John Vos, Chairman of the Calgary Children’s Foundation

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