City reveals new LRT line names

EDMONTON – Names have been chosen for the five LRT lines that are either in the process of being built, or planned for the future.

The City of Edmonton’s Naming Committee has decided on the following:

Capital Line – will run from NE Edmonton to Heritage Valley, and is partially completed
Metro Line – will run from St. Albert to Health Sciences LRT Station, and is currently still in the works
Energy Line – will run from Lewis Farms to Sherwood Park, and has not yet been started
Valley Line – will run from Lewis Farms to Ellerslie, and has not yet been started
Festival Line – will run form Sherwood Park to Ellerslie, and has not yet been started


Some have already taken to Twitter to express their disappointment with the names:

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These names were selected from more than 900 submissions from the public as part of a contest held last year.

“We are delighted that so many citizens were involved in suggesting names for our future LRT System lines,” said Cory Sousa, City planner, who works with the Naming Committee. “Naming our LRT System lines is an important part of growing our city.”

From the submissions, a short list was created and provided to Leger Marketing for an extensive market research evaluation. The final recommendations were then unanimously approved by the City of Edmonton Naming Committee on January 21st.


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MAP: LRT line names and potential route  


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