Recipe Reveal: Beef Brisket at Prairie’s Edge

Click to play video: 'Recipe Reveal: Beef Brisket at Prairie’s Edge' Recipe Reveal: Beef Brisket at Prairie’s Edge
On this episode of Recipe Reveal, Global's Shannon Cuciz takes you behind the scenes at Prairie's Edge where Executive Chef Gurdeep Singh explains how to make beef brisket with warm German potato salad – Nov 13, 2017

On the Nov. 13 episode of Recipe Reveal, Global News Morning took Manitobans inside Prairie’s Edge to learn how to make beef brisket with warm German potato salad. Here’s how you can make the restaurant’s dish that serves four:


For Mustard Cream Demi:

(makes 50 ml of Demi Glaze)

  • heavy cream                           50 ml
  • braised mustard seeds          5 gm
  • prepared mustard                 5 ml
  • black pepper                           to taste
  • salt                                            to taste

For German Potato Salad:

  • potatoes (Yellow Creamer)  400 gm
  • dill (fresh)                                 5 gm
  • red onion                                  50 gm
  • white vinegar                           10 ml
  • house mustard                         2 ml
  • prepared mustard                   5 ml
  • olive oil                                     10 ml
  • cucumber                                 1/2
  • salt                                            to taste
  • black pepper                           to taste

For Brisket:

(yields 1.5 kg beef brisket)

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  • Coriander, whole                      25 gm
  • chilies, crushed                          3 gm
  • fennel seed                                 10 gm
  • garlic, granulated                     25 gm
  • dill seed                                        3 gm
  • mustard seed                            10 gm
  • onion granules                         15 gm
  • all spice                                     10 gm
  • pepper, whole black               25 gm


 For Mustard Cream Demi:

Combine everything and bring to boil. Then, remove from heat and let ingredients cool.

 For German Potato Salad:

Cut potatoes (big ones into quarter and small into half), boil them by adding salt (slightly under done 95%). Let it cool at room temperature.

Slice cucumber, peel and thinly slice onion, chop dill. Make a dressing with remaining ingredients by adding dill. Mix in all the ingredients toss well.

Let this marinate for four to five hours in refrigerator. Serve warm.

For Brisket:

Toast and medium grind all the whole spices and seeds, quickly blend in garlic, onion and chilies.

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Rinse brisket in cold water for one hour, then pat dry and evenly distribute rub, massaging in well. Place in fridge on a wire rack overnight.

Soak 8oz hickory wood overnight.

Place largest brisket on lowest rack and second largest on the highest. Drain wood and place in smoker.

Smoke cook at 190 degrees F for 12 hours.

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