Scott Thompson: Put down your device and just have sex

Facebook is partnering with the Australian government to pilot a technology that helps combat revenge porn. Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Here is a sign of the times: Facebook has announced its solution to revenge porn on its social media site.

Revenge porn is what happens when couples who have shared intimate images of themselves then use those images as payback after one is left scorned.

Whether it’s sending those images to friends or relatives or everyone, you can see the problems it can create, yet that doesn’t stop the practice whether recording or extorting.

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Facebook is telling those with such images to get ahead of this issue and prevent future collateral damage.

How? By sending them your personal porn first.

Yes! If they have the image first, they can use technology to stop it from being published on Facebook for all the world to see.

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How comfy are you with that?

And at what point in the relationship do you decide to forward your personal porn to Facebook?

Should there be consent? How do you bring that up?

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“Hey honey, want to see a movie tonight? Speaking of movies, do you mind if I shoot our porn video over to Facebook for protection? It’s like condoms.”

People have to get back to playing with each other during sex and not their devices.

Just sayin’…

Scott Thompson host of The Scott Thompson Show on 900 CHML and commentator for Global News

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