WATCH: B.C. Transit Police verbally abused after pulling over driver for speeding

Click to play video: 'Transit cops verbally abused during pullover' Transit cops verbally abused during pullover
ABOVE: Video taken inside a vehicle that was pulled over for speeding in Vancouver shows two transit cops being verbally abused as they write out a ticket. Warning: extreme language may offend some viewers – Oct 16, 2017

A video being shared online is showing the abuse of some police officers in Surrey.

Transit Police pulled over a young man recently for speeding and that’s where the recording starts.

In the video, shot from inside the car, the driver and his passenger are demanding to see the radar gun reading and are yelling further insults at the officers.

One of the men can be heard telling an officer that in three months, he makes what the officer does in a year.

The two officers remain calm, hand the driver the ticket, and walk away.

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“As a result of a traffic ticket being issued to this party, both young men in the vehicle became extremely abusive to the officers,” said Anne Drennan, spokesperson for Transit Police.

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“Well the video has gone viral on social media and the response has been almost all positive with respect to the way our officers handled this. We commend our officers for their extreme professionalism in dealing with this kind of abuse.”

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