Bob Layton Editorial: What happened?

Social media reacts as results from the Oct. 16, 2017 Edmonton Civic Election start to roll in. Courtesy: Twitter/Ryan Jespersen

So, we have four new councillors. How will they work with the rest of the council that gave us bike lanes and delayed bridges and slow transit?

What are the thoughts of the newcomers on infill housing that developers took advantage of, and that left some neighbourhoods feeling like they had been taken advantage of?

Will they be in favour of the traffic delays that will come with the new LRT, or will they demand something better?

There are people shaking their heads today and asking what happened in several areas.

No doubt the group trying to get more women into politics will be assessing things to find out why we have just one more woman on council.

I was surprised by Strathcona County, because I was waiting to see which one of the politically experienced women would win.

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Voters are asking what happened in Calgary.

What happened to the polls that had Bill Smith double digits ahead of Mayor Nenshi? Will pollsters be giving us the “snapshot in time” explanation, again?

And, how did they run out of ballots so some people could not vote?

Let me know what you think of the happenings there, and in Edmonton.

Bob Layton is the news manager of the Corus Edmonton group of radio stations and a commentator for Global News.

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