Winnipeg Jets players catch monster sturgeon

Twitter / SturgeonSlayers

Winnipeg Jets Dustin Byfuglien and Matt Hendricks reeled in a massive fish during their off-time in B.C. earlier this week.

In pictures posted to Twitter, the two players, who were on the injured roster for the Jets-Canucks game on Thursday, were seen holding the nearly 10-foot sturgeon.

The fish was estimated to weigh 600 pounds, and the guides call these types “dinos.” It reportedly took the players 30 minutes to reel in,

Defenceman Byfuglien wasn’t playing on Thursday due to a soft-tissue injury, according to the team. Hendricks, who is on the injured reserve list, hasn’t played yet this season.

When asked about Byfuglien’s injuries Jets coach Pat Maurice defended the decision not to play him.

“He wasn’t bull riding,” Maurice told reporters Thursday, according to Newsweek. “He was fishing.

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“He didn’t have to wrestle it. We gave him a line and a hook.”

The Jets won the game Thursday 4-1. They play again on Saturday; it’s not been revealed if Byfuglien will be playing.

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