Métis Nation – Saskatchewan calls for inclusion in ‘60s Scoop settlement

WATCH ABOVE: Coverage of the '60s Scoop compensation deal announced by the federal government.

The Métis Nation – Saskatchewan (MN-S) is disappointed Métis people were excluded from the recent ‘60s Scoop compensation deal.

MN-S president Glen McCallum said while he is happy First Nations and Inuit people received a settlement, the decision to not include Métis is troubling.

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“I am deeply saddened, confused, and extremely disappointed that our Métis citizens who were no less part of this painful and cruel action known as the ‘60s Scoop, are not included nor acknowledged in the federal announcement,” McCallum said in a statement.

McCallum said the exclusion is just another example of Métis people not being recognized as Indigenous people even though they are included in the constitution.

He is looking to rectify the situation with the federal government.

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“This federal government has repeatedly asserted the prioritization and importance of Canada’s relationship with Indigenous people,” McCallum stated.

“I am confused and frustrated because our Métis leadership have been part of discussions to determine a solution to this painful past but there was no acknowledgement of Métis at all in the settlement announcement.”

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The federal government announced on Oct. 6 it would pay up to $750 million in compensation to thousands of Aboriginals who were removed from their families between the 1960s and 1980s and adopted by non-Indigenous families.

Another $50 million is to be set aside for a new Indigenous Healing Foundation.

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