Bombardier to fall short on 2017 target for Toronto streetcar deliveries

The 514 Cherry streetcar on King Street seen in July of 2017. Don Mitchell / AM 640 / Global News

The company responsible for delivering Toronto’s new streetcars says it will fail to meet another promised quota.

Aerospace and transportation giant Bombardier released a statement on Thursday saying it will miss its end-of-year target of delivering 70 streetcars by five.

The company cited “issues with the supply chain” and has informed the TTC that it will be delivering 65 vehicles by the end of 2017.

“This is not the result we worked towards and this is not the result we will accept for ourselves and for the people of Toronto. We own this challenge, and we fully intend to do everything necessary to mitigate the impacts,” the statement read.

Bombardier has had regular quarterly meetings with TTC brass over the past 16 months, and say they plan to initiate “forceful and far-reaching measures” to get back on track including the doubling of the assembly line production, adding additional suppliers and sources of key components for the vehicles, and meeting with all suppliers to reinforce commitments on increased capacity and deliveries.

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AM 640 attempted to reach out to three spokespeople at Bombardier on Thursday and received “out of office” messages.

The head of public relations, Eric Prud’Homme, did eventually reply and said, “I cannot offer any further information than what is included in our statement and we do not plan on doing any interviews.”

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Bombardier delays new TTC streetcars again – Apr 22, 2016


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Prud’Homme also stated that “Bombardier confirms that it is still fully on track to deliver the entire fleet of 204 streetcars by the original contract deadline of 2019.”

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TTC Chair Josh Colle and CEO Andy Byford issued a joint statement as well on Thursday saying the shortfall was “unacceptable” and “extremely disappointing and frustrating.”

“There should be 146 new streetcars in service today; instead there are just 45. This is completely unacceptable. The TTC is having to continue to use buses on streetcar routes to meet ridership demand.”

The statement also reiterates the Commission’s $50 million lawsuit against Bombardier for its ongoing failure to meet delivery targets and it’s plan to pursuit other suppliers for future transit orders.

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Byford further commented on AM 640’s The John Oakley Show defending the city’s continued relationship with Bombadier saying they have no choice since they need the streetcars by 2019.

“Even if we were to say today, right, forget it Bombardier, go away, we’ll keep the 45, forget the rest of them, we’re not paying you, it would probably take a couple of years for another manufacturer to finish the design and get it ready.”

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TTC Chair and Councillor Josh Colle also expressed his disappointment in a press conference at Woodbine Station saying the shortages are having an effect on the TTC’s bottom line.

“We are putting buses on streetcar routes, we are keeping streetcars in operation way longer than they should be, and there’s a significant cost to the TTC and a significant cost in the lack of service we are providing for our customers.”

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