B.C. polygamist’s son survives ‘Revenant’-like grizzly bear attack

Click to play video: 'B.C. polygamist’s son survives ‘Revenant’-like grizzly bear attack' B.C. polygamist’s son survives ‘Revenant’-like grizzly bear attack
The son of a B.C. polygamist leader received several stitches after a mother grizzly bear attacked him while he was on a hunting trip. He's thanking a cub for saving his life – Oct 5, 2017

WARNING: Graphic images. Reader discretion is advised.

It was like a scene out of The Revenant.

Jake Blackmore, the son of B.C. polygamist leader Winston Blackmore, was out hunting for elk with his son Jeron in the forests near Fernie.

Then a grizzly bear came for him.

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“I heard a noise just over my shoulder and I looked around to see the mother bear coming from my left at full speed,” Jake told Global News.

He tried to fight the bear off, but then the animal bit his leg.

“She got me right on the inside of my leg and shook me basically like I was a rag doll,” Jake said.

Jake Blackmore’s leg, after a grizzly bear bit him while on a hunting trip in the forests near Fernie, B.C. Jake Blackmore

Jake managed to fire a shot at the bear from his hip.

His son Jeron heard it from a distance.

“I heard a gunshot and was like, oh dang, you best be getting back to Dad,” he said.

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But Jake credited a bear cub with saving him.

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“I believe that her having a baby with her is what gave me the chance,” he said.

“I don’t think this was a bad bear that we had an encounter with. She had her baby and I’m sure she was trying to protect it.”

Jake received 28 stitches. Conservation officers decided not to destroy the bear, but said they would monitor the animal until it went into hibernation.

But the next time they go hunting, Jake and Jeron will be careful to scout the area before they head too deep into the forest.

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