Tasha Kheiriddin Show: Tuesday, September 26

A more well-rounded curriculum teaching everything from career skills to life skills is what is needed in today's classrooms, parenting expert Ann Douglas says. Getty Images

In case you missed it: Here are all the highlights of the Tasha Kheiriddin Show on September 26th.

How hot is too hot for children in classrooms?

With the heat wave in Toronto this week, many parents are questioning if it is safe for their children to be in hot classrooms with no AC. The concern has even made its way into Queen’s Park. We find out how hot is too hot with Dr. Anthony Crocco, the man who sat in a hot car to raise awareness about leaving children in cars. Now, he tackles the classroom.

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Addressing the shortage of qualified entry-level talent in tech fields

Who knew there is a massive shortage of skilled workers in tech fields? According to Colin Mansell, the CEO of Red Academy, post-secondary education must change in order to produce enough high technology expertise candidates to fill this “employees needed” gap. He joins the show to speak more about the short comings in the tech fields, as well as attending the Edit Expo in Toronto next week.

New Fraser Institute study show federal government is failing the middle class

A new study from the Fraser Institute shows frightening numbers when it comes to taxes paid by the middle class under Trudeau’s government. To explain, Tasha welcomes the Director of Fiscal Studies at the Fraser Institute, and co-author of the study, Charles Lammam.

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“Not Just Tourism” creates an easy way to give back when you travel

Travelling with a purpose doesn’t always mean you can’t travel for yourself. Giving back can be as simple as taking an extra piece of luggage on your flight. Mike Chomyn is the Operations Director of “Not Just Tourism” Toronto. He joins the show to explain more about the program.

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