Gord Gillies: The hardest part of the job

Gord Gillies, the morning show host for News Talk 770, is pictured.

After a month on the job as the new morning show host on News Talk 770, I’m quickly learning what the hardest part is about it.

It’s not struggling from a lack of sleep. In fact, this has been amazing. I’ve adjusted nicely to the early hours and actually have energy throughout the day.

WATCH BELOW: Gord Gillies signs off for the final time

Click to play video: 'Gord Gillies signs off for the final time' Gord Gillies signs off for the final time
Gord Gillies signs off for the final time – Jul 21, 2017

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It’s not bumbling along as I get to know the format and my new teammates. Dave and Betty Jo have been welcoming, receptive and very tolerant. Even on the days when I’m scrambling to stay on time and tromping all over their roles.

Nope. The biggest hurdle is – me. My opinions.

When you host a morning show like this you absolutely have to have a take on just about everything. I’ve spent 36 years of doing my best to walk a line down the middle and not let my views creep into my work. Well, it’s time to chuck all that out the window.

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Listeners certainly weigh in on every issue and they deserve to know where I stand. I get that. I just didn’t think it would be this hard. Kind of like dipping a toe into a cold pool, it’s been a gradual process. After four weeks of testing, it’s time to jump in.

I’ve been warned by everyone that the backlash will be swift and raw. Already, I’ve seen how angry some people are over the ‘mini’ views I’ve let slip out. Clearly my outrage gauge is dialed a lot lower than some!


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It’s just an opinion, right?

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