Walk of Hope sheds light on those affected by ovarian cancer

Click to play video: 'Walk of Hope in Peterborough'
Walk of Hope in Peterborough
Walk of Hope in Peterborough aims to raise awareness and funds for those affected by ovarian cancer. – Sep 10, 2017

Nichols Oval Park was bustling this weekend at the Annual Ovarian Cancer Walk of Hope.

Survivors and supporters laced up their shoes to raise funds and awareness for a cause dear to their hearts.

“I am a survivor coming out to help raise funds for ovarian cancer, our team Diana’s Dynamos has raised over $8,000,” said ovarian cancer survivor and team leader for the group, Dianna Charlebois.

It was an unexpected diagnosis for Charlebois, an active and energetic 69-year-old.  In January, Charlebois found out she had ovarian cancer and has since been battling the devastating disease.

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“Chemotherapy works and it’s going to work for me!” said Charlebois.

On this day, Charlebois and about 100 other people came together with one goal in mind — to raise awareness and some much-needed money for Ovarian Cancer Canada. The funds help fuel education, awareness and research initiatives, something one survivor is willing to travel hundreds of kilometres to support.

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“Five years clear, diagnosed when I was 24, my family lives in Canada. I’m actually from the United States so I fly up every year to walk with my family so they support me,” said ovarian cancer survivor Brandi Limrani.

The statistics for ovarian cancer are sobering, but Charlebois says she is confident that she will beat the odds.

“More than 50 per cent of women won’t live beyond five years, but I’m going to beat that and I’m going to be around for my grandkids,” said Charlebois.

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The event was held at more than 37 locations across the country, with the goal of raising $25,000. Limrani says initiatives like these mean the world to those undergoing treatment and offers this piece of advice.

“You know, just keep believing in your strength, and you can do it. I mean, you just got to keep fighting, never give in,” said Limrani.

To sign up for next year’s walk, visit

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Click to play video: 'Walk of Hope in Peterborough'
Walk of Hope in Peterborough

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