Contractors remove equipment from Capital Pointe construction site in Regina

Semi trailers took equipment away from the Capital Pointe construction site. Terry Thorsteinson

After many delays and questions over construction permits, on Saturday, there was some movement at the Capital Pointe project, but not necessarily constructive ones.

About half a dozen semi trailers and workers from Double Star Drilling took away equipment from the delayed construction site on the corner of Albert Street and Victoria Avenue.

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Capital Pointe is set to be 27 storeys of condos and hotel rooms, and was once going to be Regina’s tallest building.

The project was meant to be completed last year, but to this day, it’s not much more than a hole in the ground.

Workers removing equipment Saturday, would not speak to Global News.

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Terry Thorsteinson, the owner of Bregg Cleaners, a neighbouring business, said it’s been frustrating to watch the lack of development.

“It’s been troublesome right from the get-go. Completion date was 2016, if you look… There is a big hole with a bunch of iron. I just hope the city can get it back on track,” Thorsteinson said.

“It’s a struggle. I just hope they can get it finished, or get us back to having a parking lot.”

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