Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes surprise visit to Kelowna citizenship ceremony

The Prime Minister was a surprise guest at a citizenship ceremony in Kelowna on Wednesday. He posed for pictures with some of the new Canadians being sworn in. Klaudia Van Emmerik / Global News

A crowd that gathered for a citizenship ceremony at Kelowna’s Stuart Park was surprised by an unexpected visit from the prime minister on Wednesday.

Sixty-four people from 21 countries were being sworn in as new Canadians at the event.

Justin Trudeau took time out from the Liberal caucus meeting, which is taking place nearby, to be at the ceremony.

The prime minister gave a speech talking about Canadian values such as openness, fairness, equality and tolerance.

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He also thanked the new Canadians for choosing Canada as their new homeland.

“It’s diversity that makes our country strong,” Trudeau said.

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Ironically, while Trudeau was speaking about tolerance, a man in a passing vehicle yelled a profanity at the prime minister.

Trudeau then quipped, “I tolerate you too sir.” The remark drew a laugh from the crowd.

– with files from Klaudia Van Emmerik

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