NDP out-fundraising Liberals so far in 2017

Click to play video: 'Political fundraising under scrutiny in B.C.' Political fundraising under scrutiny in B.C.
The Liberal government is looking at changes to the way political parties are funded in this province. It comes just days after Elections BC asked the RCMP to investigate whether recent donations have broken the law. Keith Baldrey has a preview of the new legislation – Mar 13, 2017

Elections BC has released the latest numbers on political fundraising and it turns out the the NDP are having a stellar year.

Usually, the BC Liberals out-fundraise the New Democrats but this year the NDP came out ahead.

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Between Jan. 1 and May 9, the NDP raised $9.1 million compared to the Liberals’ $7.6 million.

Last year, the NDP raised $4.8 million while the Liberals raised $12.2 million.

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Click to play video: 'New York Times report on BC: Canada’s ‘Wild West’ of political cash' New York Times report on BC: Canada’s ‘Wild West’ of political cash
New York Times report on BC: Canada’s ‘Wild West’ of political cash – Jan 15, 2017

The year before the NDP made just under $2 million while the Liberals brought in $9.3 million.

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The NDP has promised to bring in campaign finance reform but some have questioned why the new government didn’t do so as soon as they took over the reins.

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During the Liberal government, the NDP introduces six private members’ bills calling for bans on union and corporate donations to political parties, but the bills were not supported by the government.


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