Cop in England responds to 911 call with 180-degree hand brake stop

Click to play video: 'Cop in England responds to 911 call with 180-degree hand brake stop'
Cop in England responds to 911 call with 180-degree hand brake stop
ABOVE UK cop arrives on scene with terrifying e-brake turn. – Jul 31, 2017

Police in Kent, England are defending the actions of an officer after he was caught on camera arriving at the scene of a crime with a dramatic, 180-degree hand brake stop.

According to the Kent Police department, officers were called to the scene of a violent disturbance at 3:02 a.m. Sunday in the Gillingham neighbourhood of Kent.

It is not known what the disturbance in question was. In the video a man can be seen with blood on his shirt. Police said two men were arrested in connection with the disturbance but later released without charges.

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What is known is that shortly after officers arrived on scene, two other officers arrived in a police-issue Vauxhall Astra Estate, driving at some speed down Canterbury Street.

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In a hair-raising moment, the cruiser pulls a dramatic 180-degree hand brake turn, sliding across the street as the tires squealed – before coming to a stop, parked against the curb on the other side of the road.​

“What the **** is that about? Do you want to kill people?” an onlooker can he heard asking incredulously.

In a statement to media, Kent Police deny their officers were intentionally risking public safety and say instead that the patrol car lost control on the wet roadway.

“A police patrol vehicle responding to the urgent call was involved in a minor collision with some railings after it skidded on the wet road whilst coming to a halt,” the police statement reads.

“As with any collision involving a police vehicle, an investigation will be carried out to establish the circumstances.”

There are no reports of any injuries to officers or civilians.

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