Prison inmates look for redemption by washing cops’ personal cars

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Prison inmates look for redemption by washing cops’ personal cars
WATCH ABOVE: Texas inmates hold car wash for police officers, explain why it's an important part of their rehabilitation – Jul 31, 2017

A group of Houston inmates went to unusual lengths to atone for their crimes on Sunday, by holding an exclusive car wash for law enforcement officers and their vehicles.

Despite spending years behind bars and turning to religion to seek redemption, members of the CHARM Prison Ministry didn’t feel as though they had fully reconciled for their felonies.

“We’ve always made things dirty in life whether with family, with relationships … as a sign of being clean and washed and made new,” former inmate and member of CHARM, Tommie Anderson, told KHOU. “That’s what we’re doing on display today is actually cleaning up what’s dirty.”

The Christian group organized the event as a way to allow the 40 inmates a chance to interact with police officers and get to know some of their former foes.

“I knew it wasn’t their fault. They had a job to do. They had a family like I had and so the Lord just really softened my heart towards law enforcement, and that they put their lives on the line each and every day for us,” Torrance Wilson, another inmate, said.

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For the officers, the actions of the inmates is a reminder that criminals can be rehabilitated and become positive members of society.

“It means a heck of a lot more than any commendation that I’ve ever received,” Houston Police Captain Michael Faulhaber said.

But for Anderson, interacting with the officers was about more than just finding an appreciation for their duties.

“Had it not been for the police officers arresting us, a lot of us wouldn’t probably be here today. We would probably be in a graveyard or in a prison for the rest of our lives,” he said. “So, thank you for your service.”

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