Family rediscovers First World War medals at Peterborough museum

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Family finds first world war memorabilia
WATCH ABOVE: Garry Rogers finally has closure after discovering that his grandfathers First World War medal was kept at Peterborough Museum and Archives – Jul 28, 2017

After six decades of searching, Garry Rogers finally saw his grandfather’s First World War medallion.

The medallion, along with other First World War memorabilia, was catalogued at the Peterborough Museum and Archives since 2003 but the family didn’t know.

Garry Rogers’ niece, Kim Rogers decided to take the search in her own hands and discovered that one of her aunts forgot she gave the memorabilia to the Museum many years ago.

“This year I’m back in Peterborough visiting again and I thought I’d hack away at it again and called the museum and see if anything has been catalogued and anything has been found,” said Kim. “Sure enough there had been some things catalogued and found so I was thrilled to find out. I called my uncle and told him about it so we’ve made an appointment to come and see the things today.”

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“It’s been over 60 years and I’ve done searches, given up, started again and kept going. This has been over 60 years and we finally just received this now,” said Garry.

Rogers’ grandfather, Joseph Rogers, and his son, Joseph Hayward Rogers both served in the War. Joseph Rogers came home with a medallion to symbolize bravery. His son, 21-year-old Joseph, Garry’s uncle, never made it home.

“After six months he got shot in the heart,” said Garry.

“Killed with a rifle bullet,” said Kim.

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On this day, Garry said he is on cloud nine.

“I’m deeply, deeply appreciative that we’ve found these. It means something to me and the family.”

Rogers said that if you are searching for a part of your family’s history, don’t give up.

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